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Equity compensation, and in particular performance-based awards, allow for a tight alignment between employee performance and shareholder interests, but the accounting is complicated.

Hear Certent experts Kathy Biddle, CEP, manager of accounting services, and Michael Mauro, senior consultant, professional services, as they use real-world examples to provide you with a solid performance award accounting foundation so you can deliver the right strategy, the right plan, and the right reporting.

When you walk away from this presentation, you will:

  • Understand performance goals and their impact from an accounting standpoint
  • Know when to start the clock on measuring performance: service periods vs. grant dates
  • Be able to account for different types of requisite service periods, depending on the terms of performance award
  • Adjust expense amortization schedules for changes in vesting schedule, number of awards, and value of awards
  • Execute EPS guidance per ASC 260 and apply the Treasury Stock Method to the shares considered issuable

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"My favorite feature of the platform is the reports. Being able to pull up a report when requested by HR or finance and handing it off and knowing it's accurate. The biggest benefit with the platform is accuracy, time management and the support."

- Lorna G.

Black Hills Corporation

"We cannot live without Participant Portal. The Participant Portal has helped our employees so much, they can run the reports that they need. It's so user friendly, we can't go back. We have seen a huge reduction in time using Certent, it has helped us be more effective and efficient with our time."

- Jamie H.
Valmont Industries

"The accuracy of the Grant Administration and the financial reporting aspect gives us access to information we didnt have with other solutions. The system has freed me up to be more strategic."

- Terry T.


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