Download Fatal Flaws Killing Disclosure Management Processes to help keep you on track!



Imagine a world where financial reports meant you had time for that second cup of coffee, no anxiety over data accuracy and skyrocketing investor confidence. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Read the white paper, 5 Fatal Flaws Killing Disclosure Management Processes, to learn how you can identify and eliminate the fatal flaws in your Disclosure Management Cycle.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The areas in your Disclosure Management Cycle you need to fix – yesterday.
  • The ways to bring your processes back to life.
  • The difference Smarter Disclosure makes.

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“My favorite thing about working with Certent is just the people. They’re passionate about what they do and I love that. I’ve found a group that I can identify with that really takes ownership of the knowing the numbers, knowing their subject matter and that is important to me. ”

- Monica B.,

Resources Global Professionals

“Now that we have implemented Certent, we have a much more efficient process to update tables in the document immediately and can utilize multi user performance. For someone considering Certent, the customer service level is what sets them apart. ”

- Elliott B.,

LifePoint Health

“Prior to using Certent, I only had experience reviewing XBRL. Without much of a learning curve, I am now doing the XBRL tagging myself. The customer service at Certent is also exceptional. I am very happy to have chosen Certent for our filing needs. I would definitely recommend Certent. ”

- Bobby R.,

Southwest Bancorp, Inc.

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